Deep Creek

Burdekin Veterans Deep Creek Retreat

Welcome to our Retreat.

Burdekin Veterans Deep Creek Retreat is a project of the Burdekin Sub Branch of Vietnam Veterans. This site was originally allocated as a Scout Camp, however the Burdekin Vietnam Veterans were able to have the lease reassigned.

Deep Creek is situated on the Ayr – Dalbeg Rd. between Clare and Millaroo on the banks of the Burdekin River. Entry to the retreat is via a locked gate. Care must be taken not to park on the rail crossing when turning off the bitumen road, (beware of cane trains) there is plenty of space to park before you unlock the gate to gain access to the retreat.
Directions from Townsville – After crossing the Haughton River at Giru take the first right hand turn at the tramline, this is Haughton Road and Shalom Rural Training College is 26KM. At the College turn left over irrigation channel to Clare on School Road at the Tee intersection turn right on George Road to the next Tee intersection turning left and at the next Tee intersection turn right onto Ayr Dalbeg Road.
Proceed approx. 17.6 KM and the Deep Creek Retreat is on your left, BEWARE crossing the tramline at our gate and please DO NOT PARK ON THE LINE.

Road directions from Ayr and Giru Directions from the South – On the northern side of the
Burdekin River is the United Service Station turn at the United onto Ayr Dalbeg Road. Proceed approx. 27KM to the second turn off to Clare here you cross a tramline on the Road proceed a further 17.5KM and the Deep Creek Retreat is on your left, BEWARE crossing the tramline at our gate and please DO NOT PARK ON THE LINE.

Deep Creek Retreat is a campsite where Veterans can stay in a safe environment and relax. Safety while on this site is the individuals responsibility.
Veterans from all conflicts and their family are welcome at Deep Creek Retreat, however the site is also available for use by Community Groups as well. Donations for your stay are appreciated and will help to maintain and upgrade this recreational camping site.
Camping is allowed anywhere within the mowed area of the retreat, however camping is not permitted around the Cenotaph area or around the main shed site. Please respect the privacy and campsites of other campers.
Generators are permitted but please place them in an area to minimise disturbance to others that may be on site as well.
Moderate campfires are permitted in restricted areas only, and must be attended at all times and must be properly extinguished on departure
All vehicles are to be driven in a safe manner and not endanger persons, animals and property within the retreat area. Keep to the tracks whenever possible, driving slowly.
Burdekin River runs along side this site and crocodiles may be present at any time, so safety of children is the parents responsibility. It is therefore NOT RECOMMENDED to swim in any part of the river. Fishing is quite OK.
Animals are welcome at the retreat, please restrain them so as not to annoy other campers that may be on site at the same time.
There are toilets and showers on site, please keep these facilities clean and tidy for use of others.
Water is pumped from the river for toilets and showers, and may not be suitable for drinking, Rain water is limited for drinking only and not to be used for any other purpose.